Let's Talk About 3D Printing Warhammer

Let's talk about 3D printing Warhammer. And by "Warhammer" I mean tabletop miniatures games. Warhammer 40k is by far the most popular game and model range, followed by Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Both designed and created by the infamous Games Workshop. The intellectual property, the setting in the lore, the game rules and the models, are all owned by Games Workshop. To sell a 3D printed model, as a "Warhammer" model is a copyright violation. It is also a copyright violation to make an exact replica of a model designed by Games Workshop. (There are other popular games, such as Star Wars Legion by Atomic Mass Games.)

How do you 3D print Warhammer? Welcome to the wide, wide world of proxy miniatures. When you play with your friends or at a local store, you simply use different models that you have 3D printed. "Space Soldiers" instead of "Space Marines", for example. There is an absolutely incredible opportunity for you to find miniatures that you enjoy even more than the official ones.

If you want to print models that fit into an existing army, you can find designs "inspired by" Warhammer 40k models. The designer may look at a Warhammer model, and then go design their own model. A thematically similar model is not a violation of copyright. The trick is how to name these designs, and let people find them online, because we can't name them the same as an original. So a creative name, perhaps using similar keywords is used to post online. The most popular website to post and download these designs is Cults3D.

When we talk about these models on Discord, we refer to models that are 'very close approximations' (copy) of popular models as '1:1'. This is different than pirated, when files that you normally pay for are given away for free. Do not engage in piracy because it's harmful to both the creators and community.

(In support of this community, we do not publicly post links or keywords.)

If you are new to Cults3D, just spend time browsing. When you find a designer you like, look at all their creations. Take note of how they named the designs, then you can do more searching for the same. The models are there, you just have to look.


These are some great reasons to 3D print your own models:

Limitless Customization: One of the most significant advantages of 3D printing your own Warhammer miniatures is the ability to customize every aspect of your models. With traditional manufacturing, gamers are often restricted to pre-designed options. However, 3D printing allows for endless possibilities, enabling you to modify and personalize every detail, from weapons to armor. We call this 'digital kitbashing'. This level of customization enhances immersion and brings a truly unique touch to your collection.

Cost-Effective: 3D printing Warhammer presents a cost-effective alternative to purchasing pre-made miniatures. While acquiring official Warhammer miniatures can be very expensive, 3D printing allows you to print as many models as you desire, significantly reducing costs in the long run. Moreover, the ability to print on-demand means you can replace damaged or lost miniatures without the need to repurchase entire sets. Additionally, sharing and downloading 3D printable designs from online communities and marketplaces provides access to a vast array of models at a fraction of the cost.

Accessibility and Availability: Thanks to 3D printing, the availability of Warhammer miniatures is no longer limited to official releases. A thriving community of 3D modelers has emerged, creating and sharing a plethora of designs online. This accessibility allows gamers to access a wide range of unique models, including alternate versions of existing characters, fan-made creations, and proxy models inspired by various themes.

Community Collaboration and Sharing: The 3D printing community is built on collaboration and sharing. Enthusiasts worldwide actively exchange knowledge, tips, and STL files, fostering a vibrant and supportive environment. This collaborative spirit promotes camaraderie, fuels creativity, and elevates the overall gaming and hobby experience.
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